Alexia, Queen of the Vampires - Original Watercolor

Worley Studios

This original watercolor painting titled: Alexia, Queen of the Vampires was undoubtedly the most difficult realistic nude in Worley's early days as a painter and is a fine art illustration for chapter 4 in his upcoming illustrated fantasy novel: the Wind-Weaver's Quest

This complex watercolor painting is an excellent example of realism with a hint of the surreal when we notice the hidden transition in some of the panes in the castle window behind Alexia. The delicate shadows draped across her are painted in exquisite detail and the dreamy far off look in her eyes can only make us wonder what she was thinking of as she gazes out at the land below.

This image is also available in same size limited edition prints.

Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions: 20" W x 30" H (without the frame)

Framed: Yes (Price is the same with & without)

Year Completed: 2003

Note: Second photo is an example of size and framing.

* Ships within 3-5 business days


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