A Summer's Day - Limited Edition Print

Worley Studios

This Limited Edition Print represents a perfect summer’s day. Relax with Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe in a cool forest meadow with their mysterious friend among blooming Rhododendron bushes. The bright, vibrant colors and whimsical feel of this beautiful print make it a wonderful example of expressionism.

Both Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe appear in several of Worley's other paintings; Harlow in the painting Seasons and Autumn, and Marilyn is featured in the pencil sketch titled: the Window.

This Limited Edition is printed from the original watercolor and is available in the following options:

  • Giclee Artist Proofs on archival watercolor paper (Edition Size 50) Image size 30" x 20"
  • Mural Artist Proof on archival watercolor paper (Edition Size 25) Image size 50" x 30"  


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