Artist Statement

My media of choice is watercolors, followed by oils.
Being mainly a figurative artist, a great deal of my work includes women in natural environments.

It is a love of nature and human expression that inspires me, and I know many of us feel that our natural habitats should be preserved and protected.

It is this fervent belief that motivates me.

In the mid-1990's, I began painting for the first time. I loved how the glazing of colors in watercolor paintings mimicked our natural world. Often, I explain to people how when you are observing a leaf in the sunlight that there are layers of color showing through. Life is that way. From a distance, we may observe one element but when we look deeper, there are many hidden layers that show through as one.

We artists are that way. Most have many other talents than what we’re known for. Those are gifts indeed, because when one cannot satiate the creative soul, there are others to fill that void…

…And that’s what I do. Imagination is limitless.

- Sam Worley

"Thank you for helping my dreams to reality and I hope you keep your's within reach"

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~ Sammy