"A Secret Place" - Original Watercolor

Worley Studios

 I used to go to this little stream to meditate, get away from the city and leave my troubles, if only for a moment. The air there was cool, wafting off of the water and the babbling of the vibrant, sunlit stream sounded happily, drowning out the nearby sounds of the city; especially on rainy days where it was high.

I'm sure we all have our secret places like this- a certain bench in a park, a particular tree or landscape, or even perhaps a rooftop where we can gain a different perspective on the world.

Either way, no matter what happens in the world, people will always gravitate towards places that call to them; where we can forget our cares and find wholeness.

I hope you have one. And if not, I'll share mine with you in this vibrant original watercolor painting...

Medium: Watercolor

Measures: 11" x 17"

Date completed: 2/15/2019

Framed: No

Note: Second photo gives an example of size and picture framing.

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