Nostalgic Bird Lady of Golden Gate Park Original Watercolor (SOLD)

Worley Studios

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This remarkable old woman will forever be in my heart. Thinking back to the day I met her will always bring a smile to my face..

I remember waking up in my room back in San Francisco on a beautiful morning. The sun was beaming through the window onto the hardwood floor. I walked over to the window and looked out at all of the Town Houses nestled together. A feeling of nostalgia swept over me and suddenly I felt I had to go to Golden Gate park so that I could find a woman feeding the birds. Looking back, it was such a natural thing. There was no doubt in my mind that I would find her and as I set out with my Kodak camera, I had a giddy feeling like I was going to meet someone magical like Merry Poppins. 

Golden Gate Park is such a beautiful place any time of year where a person can walk two miles through beautiful gardens, manicured forest and all the while someone somewhere is filling the air with live music. There are also several ponds where turtles line up from smallest to largest, basking in the sun. And it was there, standing behind a park bench where I found her.

The only words she said to me when I asked her to take her photo for a painting was "they're hungry".
Suggested minimum price for this painting $6,000


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