"Scented Fairy" - Original Watercolor

Worley Studios

Scented Fairy
by: Samuel Worley

Medium: Watercolor

Image Size: 11"w x 17"h

Completed: February 2019

* Ships within 1 business day

This angelic little faery is called the "Scented Fairy" because she flits about from flower to flower, garden to garden searching for her next fragrance to wear.

By the look of her, I'd say she's about the size of a humming bird, and like the humming birds I've come across, she startles very easily; though if you do get a rare glimpse of her admiring your flower garden, be sure to wait until she finds a flower she likes. That way, you may get a chance of taking her picture like I did for this painting.

It wasn't easy getting her picture, though. Along with scaring very easily, she also seemed to be extremely timid and one of the more modest fairies I've found; wearing a long, flowing white dress that flutters in the breeze, matching her radiant, glowing wings.

Scented Fairy measures approximately 11" x 17", is painted on 60 lb acid-free watercolor paper and ships directly from the art studio.

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