"Scented Fairy" - Original Watercolor

Worley Studios

I came across this angelic fairy in my mother's garden, flitting from flower to flower.

Unlike some of the faeries I've seen, this one wore a white, flowing dress and appeared to be completely unaware of my presence; seemingly distracted with the scents of each and every flower.

I crouched, hidden behind a Rhododendron bush with camera in hand, mesmerized by her beauty.

"What exactly is she doing," I wondered, for she would go from one flower to another and then back again as if she was comparing them. Then I noticed her shake her head and then move on to a beautiful purple one.

Cautiously, I lifted my camera and snapped a picture. There was a brief moment where I had feared that the sound of the shutter had startled her. Then I caught a glimpse of a smile and she deftly snatched a bit of pollen and rubbed it in her hair.

Our eyes met. For a moment, I felt an overwhelming allure...



-Title: Scented Fairy  

-Medium: Watercolor

-Image Size: 10 5/8" w x 15 1/4" h

-Completed: February 2019

-Painted on smooth 140 lb acid-free watercolor paper

-Protected with a clear matte varnish

-Framed: No

  • Finely detailed with rich, vibrant colors glazed one over another
  • Archival artist grade paints & paper will not yellow or fade with age
  • Convenient size to fit in a standard 16" x 20" picture frame
  • Published original as a giclee artist proof w/ edition of 50


* Second photo gives an example of size and picture framing.

* When framing, please use archival matting & backing along with uv-protectant glass to protect the painting. (If you have any questions about care of your artwork, please feel free to contact us)

* Ships within 1 business day