Sun-Kissed Fairy Princess - Limited Edition

Worley Studios

In the spring-time of her youth, with wonder in the air a little girl dressed in butterfly wings with sun-kissed glowing hair, pretends she's a fairy princess in a wondrous far off land while she is being painted by her silly uncle Sam...

I remember that day vividly. The sunlight was perfect for dramatic portraits like I often paint and at one point she stood with her wand like "one of the girls in my paintings". It was great.

For me, those moments of childhood wonder and inspiration are what I strive to express in much of my work. 

Nostalgia can be a comfort as well as a driving force to create a better world.


- Giclee on archival watercolor paper

- Artist Proof AP

- Image dimensions: 17" x 21"

- Edition Size 50

- Framed: No

  • Will not fade or yellow with age
  • Hand-highlighted by the artist
  • Size, color, detail and texture true to original painting for a fraction of the price.

Notes: Second photo gives an example of size and picture framing.