"The Enchantress" - Original Watercolor NOT FOR SALE

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The Enchantress by: Samuel Worley


The Enchantress is alive with color, glowing in the waning light of day. Her eyes are arresting as you lose yourself in them and you forget how or why you found yourself here.

This painting is intended as an illustration for the second book in Worley's fantasy series, the Wind-Weaver Chronicles, the first being the Wind-Weaver's Quest (release date yet to be announced)

Back in those days, Sammy was hard-pressed for models but still had a deep desire to hone his skill with watercolors, often finding inspiration from many sources and combining them together with a fantasy element. The model in this particular painting is Heidi Klum, "borrowed" from a 90's Sports Illustrated. The sheer garment, he included to add more elegance to the painting and tie in closer to the feel of the story. On closer inspection, you can see droplets of water running down her. The subtle rays of sunlight add to her radiance and the vibrant colors, almost psychedelic as the Enchantress takes us to a far off place...

Completed: 2001

Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions: 20"w x 30"h (unframed)

Framed: Yes (price is the same with or without) 

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