Waking Dream - Original Watercolor

Worley Studios

Title: "Waking Dream"

Medium: "Watercolor"

Measurement: 30" x 22" (without the frame)

Framed: "Yes"

* Ships within 1-2 business days

Inspired to create colorful whimsical paintings that tugged at the heart...to paint "Waking Dream" and the others to follow.

My heart belongs in the shadowy depths of the forest, where sunlight dapples the winding trails, where stories and myths of creatures like trolls and glowing fairies come to mind.

It's in those places where I find peace. Even stuck alone in the studio facing a blank piece of paper amidst a city of concrete, noise and pollution, my mind wanders to places of magic and beauty. It's what keeps me sane, what keeps me young and continue to dream.

For without the beautiful forests of this world and the fairy tales that keep us young, what would we have?

My life is like this painting. It's like a Waking Dream. Like a dream coming to fruition, where every step leads to something better, where whimsical, fantastical ideas become reality.

And so, nearly 19 years after completing this painting, I take further steps to create my own version of the world that resides in my heart. Since painting this, I've written my first fantasy novel, published many other watercolor paintings in posters and limited edition prints and even written a few dozen songs.

Where will it lead?

Why do we even create?

I guess we are all just following our dreams...

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