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Beautiful Dreamer | "Morning Snews" (Scene from Pilot Episode)

April 02, 2023 0 Comments

Beautiful Dreamer Game

Welcome to Faria ~ an unexplored realm of the faeries that lies parallel to a world recently settled by the human race. Sheltered from shifting desert sands and unpredictable storms by a giant glass domed city, Penelope dreams of unexplored places, lush forests and fantastical creatures.

With the help of her friends, Turner, Tip, Lofy and the "Eye Guy", she broadcasts about her dreams and ideas to the children of the neighboring cities in her news broadcast called the "Morning Snews".

Now available to watch (the first Morning Snews segment) in 4K including Lofy's 90's Hip-Hop Mix "the Booger Song".

Full Episode to come:

Patty K. (Penelope) and "Turner" do their Kids version of #morningsnews in this #funny animated sneak peek of Beautiful Dreamer #Snews (Super-News) segment with the help of their friends, Tip and Lofy.

Their first "morning snews" attempt does not go like Patty K. (Penelope) wants after sneezing her line. Tip fumbles with the camera and walks out after the first successful take. Meanwhile, (in the sound booth) Lofy mixes down a quick instrumental Hip Hop tune and makes a music video inspired by Patty K's sneeze.

For artists / creators: About two weeks of work into this part of the first pilot episode. A great deal of time was spent learning more of the software / industry tricks along with entertaining an overly-curious kitten.

There's still a ways to go (especially with finishing the Eye Guy at the end part). This draft was also my first time playing with Ai voices in Microsoft Azure and am currently looking for voice actors to replace them.

The world for the series is still under construction using Unity 3D as the original concept was, and still is an idea for a video game where two parallel worlds exist in tandem.

One world (where the humans exist) is a terraformed planet not yet suitable for habitation so they live in huge glass domed cities connected by trains.

The other world is the fairy realm and it is this place called Faria that Penelope unknowingly draws much of her inspiration.

* Made with iClone 7, Affinity Photo & Cyberlink Power Director

3:24:23 "Lofy's Mix" (Funny 90's style old-school instrumental Hip-Hop) Original Track: "Lofy's Mix" (the booger song) produced @worleystudios - EnjoySammy