Artist gives away Free inspiring Coloring Pages for ART Therapy

Artist gives away Free inspiring Coloring Pages for ART Therapy

February 22, 2022 0 Comments

Art can be therapeutic - similar to meditation (especially coloring). And upon completion we can find great satisfaction of accomplishment.

There is a sort of magic when we let our mind wander a bit while we color between the lines, seeing in our "minds eye" the finished masterpiece like in a dream.

Practicing this kind of creative therapy can unlock a myriad of wonderful ideas.

It gives our minds a kind of peace that we will never find in front of a screen. It lets us tap into our subconscious in a way that few things do. And in a fanciful way, a measure of fulfillment and lifting of the heart.


Free Coloring Pages


At the beginning of COVID, I was desperately trying to keep my job in a large fulfillment warehouse while I healed from a back injury. Deep down, I knew that there was little chance of returning to work. My back was slow to heal and in the midst of this new pandemic, my injury was the least of the company's concerns.

It occurred to me that I should focus on the opportunity and not the job loss and fully invest my time and energy back into my artistic career. With the lock-downs, I knew that as time went on, humanity would spend more time at home and have a need for creative outlets aside from the technology that at times had also worsened my anxiety.

Coloring Pages

I thought of the artists that had inspired me in my youth. These gifted people through their work had given me a deep desire to hone my talents. And the idea came to me that if given the opportunity to inadvertently collaborate on masterful works of art, many people would develop the confidence to continue in their artistic pursuits.

This idea was what gave me the drive to create large 18" x 24" ink drawings for printable coloring page downloads that I would then color myself.

To start, there were three that I had in mind. The first, titled

the "China Fairy":

Printable Fairy Coloring Page for Free Download

All told, there were approximately 80 hours involved in just the ink work. But to me, it was all worth it. Even for the times when I could only sit down for ten minutes at a time.

To keep with the Fairy theme, I created two more: 

the "Pouting Fairy"
Free Printable Coloring Page Fairy Download


the "Modest Fairy"

Free Fairy Printable Coloring Page for Download

the modest fairy download also included another landscape version:

Free Fairy Coloring Pages


Next came a fantasy landscape image which also had two versions titled:

"Medieval Gardens"

Enchanted Gardens Free Coloring Page
Medieval Gardens Free Coloring Page


As of writing this article, these are the current printable coloring pages so far and it is a great pleasure to offer them for free to my newsletter subscribers and customers to whom, I am forever grateful. Currently, this promotion is for a limited time though I may extend it upon request.

So if you would like more #ArtTherapy and #Inspiration, join in the fun! Feel free to sign up and let me know in the comments which Coloring Pages you like best.

Let the healing magic begin . . .

- Sam Worley