"The delusions of man" (a poem by Sam Worley)

March 14, 2019


"The Delusions of Man"

I hereby anoint you the voice of God to set my children free

One day, one day soon I say, soon you will finally see

You've been chosen for a special purpose, your mission will be made clear

Your unparalleled, superfluous questions that you hold very dear

Are not your thoughts entirely but that of other beings;

For you have to share not only your mind but all your precious things

Be humble now and still of heart, you know not what you do

You've been possessed, I do confess, if I had to tell you true

It was God's will to hide your pills and mess up your tattoo

Because in this whole entire world, I chose (just guess), yeah- you

So sin no more, take up the sword and slay our evil foe

I'd do it myself and do it quick but I've been so busy, you know

You may have heard to make a world takes seven days or so

And I have to make another one before my mom gets home

Oh, crap, I've gone and let it out, I suppose I'll tell you true

See I've been playing this video game instead of cleaning my room

And you've died and re-spawned like fourteen times so I've got to get it right

Before my mom makes me drink my juice and tuck me in tonight

So, instead of doing crazy things that some may call taboo

Just let me ease your simple mind and talk about level two

It's where you get a chance to fly and test your wings a bit

And it's lovely there with time to spare, learn skills like draw and knit

So take heart, my favorite avatar, let's join this bloody scrimmage

For you I took my sweet-ass time and made you in my image.

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