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This is personal: the Scamdemic ruined everything | Trust is our new currency

November 22, 2023

When COVID hit, I was crippled from being a "picker" at Amazon and issued a card as an "essential worker". Essential? I was so pissed off. My back was wrecked from their abuse. I was no longer physically nor by government dictates, legally able to run a small business. Amazon had enforced "mandatory" overtime on an already disabled worker (which is illegal). With no help from our beloved search engine, this law was difficult to unearth but I found it. I couldn't even work for them anymore and they harassed me.

It was no longer possible to purchase a mattress to to aid my severely wrecked back because our Government shipped them all to New York. How fucked up is that?

Honestly, I consider myself an enemy of the state, in a way. This world is so wrong, I just want to throw up at times. It's not like I'm going to go out and do anything criminal but I refuse to support any public entity in any way. I'd rather starve than shop at Walmart, fix things myself than buy a replacement from Amazon. I've spent the past four years learning about alternative building methods, gardening, learning everything I can from ITM Trading, Kitco, Stansberry and channels like Trends Journal and Judging Freedom. Even YouTube squashed my channel when I published a risque watercolor video set to 18 and over.

I've had enough!

When a commercial bank like US Bank can "legally" rob a kid (20+ years ago) of $1,200 for $75 in an over-drafted checking account and he has $250 in savings from his small business, you know things are wrong. And, he even deposits a check an hour late that gets wiped out to cover the robbery and is refused service, something is TRULY fucked up.

(Has the CEO of US Bank lived off of eggs for a month? He was still in charge at the time.) In today's market, they owe me 4 ounces of gold + damages. If they burn to the ground I'll cheer for joy. I'm not kidding. I am not condoning criminal acts whatsoever. In fact, I am speaking out against them. Our "leaders" ARE the criminals!

Think about this for a moment: have you ever played a game with a kid? You know how they will constantly change the rules of the game so they always win?

That, my dear reader - is politics. 

The battle for justice and freedom has just begun and I'm fighting to the death. US Bank literally robbed me - twice and jeopardized my health in my youth. Amazon committed criminal acts against me and no justice has been served. We don't have representation, nor a Democratic government. Socialism doesn't work, believe me - I'm speaking from experience. I could go on but fortunately there are many good people still out there. I just don't know very many of them and "trust" is our new currency.

I know that this topic is grossly unrelated to an online art gallery and deeply personal but I have no platform whatsoever. YouTube won't publish my comments. Facebook (when I was using it) wanted $10 from me if I wanted my friends to see what I had to say. Google, I am certain, penalizes my store in search for having nudes. Thing is - I am damn proud to have painted a nearly photo-realistic watercolor nude at the age of 24. I won't be silenced. My voice WILL be heard and justice will be found.

It has come to this. Thing is, my store will continue to be paused. If you would like an original or limited edition print, I no longer accept fiat, nor digital currency. I ONLY barter. I refuse to pay any taxes that will be used to destroy innocent lives in the name of Demonocracy and Freedom. This is my personal stance. This is my personal dictate. This is the voice of a Cherokee Indian, a Native American and a True Patriot of Freedom and Change. 

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression is Essential to Humanity's survival. Art, Music and Expression is MY religion. Thought is not a crime but it is currently punishable by our laws.

Let there be light . . .