How to program a song in pattern mode with Yamaha Motif XF 8

How to program a song in pattern mode with Yamaha Motif XF 8

December 13, 2019 2 Comments

So there are two ways to record a pattern chain that you can convert into a linear song with your Motif. With the XF, you can record in real time by switching sections or by programming the changes with the chain edit feature.

Here's how to program your linear song with the chain edit:

1) From Pattern mode select the chain tab - F5


2) From Pattern Chain, press the Edit button (this will bring you into chain edit where you can program your pattern into a linear song).


In this image, the song is already programmed. The time signature and tempo are automatically brought into the chain edit.

Note: before I program a pattern into a song, I write out the measure length of the pattern sections, then jot down the order of the sections with the added measures next to it, like so:

A - 4 measures

B 8 measures = 12 (4 + 8) So section C begins at the top of measure 13

C 8 measures = 20 (12 + 8) The next section would begin at measure 21

This way, when you go to program your sections, you'll know the top of the measure for each section and where they come into the song.

3) Now that you're in the pattern chain edit, select the insert tab - SF 4

4) From the Insert Event tab, you can select what section to add. Notice that it shows the measure on the left. Here you can put in the top of the measure for the pattern section to play. But if the measure is left blank, even though your pattern section is allocated into the chain, it will not play that part.

5) Now press the Set tab or the Enter button on your Motif.

Note: You can also use the Chain edit to convert your chain into a linear song by pressing the Song tab and then selecting "convert to song".

Hope this helped. It can be much easier programming in the pattern chain this way, than recording it in real time by pressing buttons.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and maybe I'll add more tutorials on the Yamaha Motif XF8.

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Samuel Worley
Samuel Worley

October 16, 2020

Hey, Alex!

There is one issue I can think of that may affect the sound and it could do with the MIDI settings in Utility.
If you’re set up to sync with a pc for mastering, the settings would have to be changed but for the normal play with the motif it’s set up like this:

MIDI in/out set to MIDI
MIDI sync set to internal
Clock out set to on
Sequencer control in/out (probably not an issue)

If all else fails, Yamaha has great customer support. Hope this helps!


October 16, 2020

I have a question
I have a Yamaha motif XF8, the issue I discover lately is when I’m recording in Song or Pattern for some Reason sound doesn’t come out, even though the screen shows it is recording,
When I played what I recorded, there is nothing, there is any specific set up than I need to change in order to fix it,

Btw this barely happened to me, in fact I have previous songs that I recorded before with not problem at all,
Also I have no problem with my sound coming through the speakers.

Any help


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