An artists inspired journey to find a style that speaks...

An artists inspired journey to find a style that speaks...

February 01, 2020

Throughout time artists have been driven to elevate, inspire and shape our cultural beliefs, ideals and norms. To some of us, it is taken on as a personal responsibility and even a challenge.

Inspiration can take on infinite forms throughout a lifetime of study and dedication. It may take years and even decades of practice, experimentation and self-reflection before one truly finds their style. 

I remember a quote from the movie "Surviving Picasso" where Picasso (played by our beloved Anthony Hopkins) said "Style only comes after you're dead".

Though I do not fully agree with the statement, it does provoke deep thought.

For me, a style can be fluid and ever-changing and in that regard, I'd have to agree. But it is in experimentation of different mediums, influences and subjects that we can discover where our hearts really lie when it comes to the great passion that is our art.

As for the mediums of choice with which to paint, that can take some careful consideration. And as for myself, it came down to two: watercolors and oils.

Watercolors are my medium of choice for glazing of colors which can bring more life to the image and for the speed and quick drying times.

My second is oil painting. With oils you can also apply translucent layers of paint one over the other until there is depth and richness. Painting with oils also allows me to tackle even more challenging work without agonizing over mistakes, setting me free to play with colors, textures and forms.

It was in the discovery of abstract expressionism while painting in oils (and pastels) that I found I was very drawn to free-flowing composition lines. So, four or five years ago I began toying with the idea of one scene depicting multiple times of day, mediums, styles and colors with the composition lines appearing as a window, separating what would have been two very different paintings.

The first finished idea was in my pen & ink drawing titled: "Night & Day" as seen below...

 Black & white expressionistic style art experimentation titled Night & Day...

Over the next year and a half, I created many digital sketches based on this concept. 

The first painting, as of this article is a watercolor titled: "Into the woods".

 Into the Woods watercolor, an artists inspired journey to find a style that speaks


To reach this point for me has been a difficult, yet exhilarating road and it is my hope that this journey will be a long one with still more obstacles ahead. But as for mastery, that may never be achieved.

For those of you who have supported me on this path, I thank you.

Your generosity and kindness has been deeply appreciated and you'll forever hold a special place in my heart.

Your friend-


On a journey back-

"Into the Woods" (Price of the painting is not set. Accepting offers.)


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